Terra Cycle’s Easy Reacher Racks


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Recumbent riders all know that the best place to locate pannier loads is under the seat. This position maintains stability and allows you to carry heavier loads with ease. You also have easier access to items that you need readily accessible. The famous and much heralded TerraCycle Easy Reacher Racks allow the best loading of your bike for touring or commuting with all USA made, high strength, lightweight 6061 aluminum, beautifully machined rack arms, tig welded pannier rails, and stainless steel fittings.

The racks are designed to fit most panniers whose hooks are near the top. Many manufacturers are offering recumbent specific under seat panniers, making the selection even better. If you have any questions about how your panniers will fit, contact us.

Expedition tough TerraCycle racks are sought out by knowledgeable recumbent riders everywhere. They have been back and forth across the USA and all around Europe many times. Take a look at our list of bikes and see if we have a model that fits your bike. You won’t believe how beautiful these racks are and how well they will work for you.


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