HP-Velotechnik – Speed Machine

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The Speedmachine is faster, more efficient and more comfortable than you would ever have thought possible. It’s an ergonomic machine dedicated to absolute speed.

You have probably never ridden a bike this fast or this comfortable. In fact you probably assumed that gain meant pain. But the Speedmachine rewrites the rules. By combining a super-oversized aluminium frame, a full suspension ride and a totally ergonomic riding position with perhaps the smallest frontal area on the planet, we have created a machine to give you incredible performance along with total comfort.

Remember, at racing speeds it’s not weight that slows you down, it’s the effort of pushing through the atmosphere. On the Speedmachine your body is an arrow, cutting through the air with ease and giving you a seriously unfair advantage. And in this riding position your entire body is supported, so that your weight is distributed over the largest possible area. No pressure points!


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