HP Velotechnik Scorpion Line Models


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The Scorpion Line is diverse and has many options. There are the following models available to order. We order all on a case by case basis so you get to choose all of your own options and therefore get it for the best price for you. Here is a link to the configurator and we can take orders over the phone for any of the HP Velotechnik models.

Scorpion- Starts at: $3790.00

Scorpion FX- Starts at: $3850.00

Scorpion FS 20- Starts at : $4450.00

Scorpion FS 26- Starts at: $4590.00

Scorpion FS Enduro- Starts at: $5190.00

2018 US Prebuilt Spec Scorpion FS 26- Starts at: $5217.00

Scorpion Plus 20- Starts at: $4890.00

Scorpion Plus 26- Starts at: $4990.00

Scorpion FS 26 S-Pedelec- Starts at :$8490.00


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