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Shooting the breeze: The Pino’s unique seat combination offers not only an unobstructed view but also optimal team communication. No one has to raise his voice here! Thanks to an adjustable handlebar height, anything from upright city-bike position to forward racing-bike position is possible for the rear rider, and even the angle of the recumbent seat can be adjusted. Twenty-seven gears give you pedaling power in any situation. All of this rests on a solid foundation: The stiff steel frame can accommodate a full 500lbs (225kg).

Powerful discs stop the motion: Magura hydraulic disc brakes for the tandem offer strong braking.

High or low: The height of the handlebar is easy to modify. Adjustability in the ìfront row” as well: The recumbent seat can be positioned at various angles by means of a quick-release. It’s easy to stay cool, for the comfortable mesh seat is breathable. And when it’s time to pick up the tempo, adjustable handlebars on either side of the seat give you a firm hold.


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