Arkel B-26 Pannier Bag (pair)


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The B26’s are based on Arkel’s time tested designs. They are built with the same attention to detail, the same materials, the same quality craftsmanship and the same warranty as all Arkel bicycle panniers. But they are built in their simplest form to offer top quality Arkel bags at a very affordable price. The attachment system consists of a bungee, nylon cushioned aluminum hooks and manually operated locking swivel. Built with nothing but quality and value in mind, these bags are really an incredible buy!

Black / grey

Basic series front or rear panniers
Weight: 1,35 kg / 2,9 lbs (pair)
Volume: 26 l. / 1660 cu. in. (pair)



Attaching a pannier to your bike:

Step 1: Engage the bottom wire-hook of the pannier to any part of the rear rack near the wheel axle.

Step 2: Lift the carry handle to open the cams and hook the pannier on your rack. When releasing the handle, the cams will lock onto your rack.



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Weight 2.9 lbs


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